Packraft Quick Patch Kit - BEST SELLER

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Packraft Quick Patch Kit - BEST SELLER

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The easiest patch method on the go. The peel and stick patches quickly secure any small air leaks or pinholes to get you back out on the river. The adhesive cures into the urethane coating on the boat within 10 minutes (12 hour full cure).

What’s Included:

1- 3” x 10” stip 5 mil tape

1- 3” diameter circle 5 mil tape

2- Alcohol Swabs (for cleaning prior to application)

1- squeegee to apply patch material

1- Waterproof container to make sure patches don’t get wet

Instructions: Clean and dry the affected area with alcohol swab. Cut a small piece of 5 mil tape leaving 1” around all affected areas. Peel off the backing and place sticky side down onto the raft material. Use the squeegee to apply firmly to material. Let sit for 10-15 minutes (in the sun if possible).

Not intended for taping together large tears. Please use the patch material and glue included with the packraft for large tears. This patch kit is great for patching small tiny air holes.

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