Ambassador Program

We are always looking for people who represent the outdoor lifestyle and are great ambassadors for not only backcountry adventures, but also telling the story about the gear that gets you there.  Whether you are a whitewater paddler, a backcountry fisherman, backpacking guru, or general outdoor enthusiast, if you feel you would be a good fit to represent Kokopelli Packraft and would like to join our Brand Ambassador Team please reach out.

To Apply: please send the following to

1. A resume/CV or brief background describing your past outdoor experience, why you love the outdoors, and what makes you a good fit to represent Kokopelli Packraft.

2. Type of outdoor categories you specialize in (i.e. whitewater paddling, expedition, fishing, backpacking, bikepacking, etc.)

3. Any supporting media, social media accounts, and/or published blogs.

4. Ideas on how you could represent and spread awareness for Kokopelli and the sport of packrafting.

5. If requesting a trip or film sponsorship or gear support for an expedition please also include an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). Within the MOU please provide a detailed description of the media offered in exchange for support, requested gear, date gear is needed, shipping address, a description of the trip, and any other pertinent details regarding the trip.