Name: Braden Gunem and Claire Cripps

Location: The Road (P.O. Box in Crested Butte, CO)

Instagram: @BradenGunem and @eclairecripps

Interests: Wilderness, Pizza Parties

Fears: Routines, Running out of coffee, booze or batteries

Favorite Trips: Rivers with non-English speaking locals living on the banks.

Bio:  Both growing up in the southeast, Braden and Claire had ample opportunities and lots of freedom to explore places like the Ozarks and the Great Smoky Mountains. 

They met on the Arkansas River in CO, weirdly “clicked”, and it’s become what it is today—making French toast in the mornings and adventuring well into the night.  The days they aren’t out gallivanting somewhere way off the beaten path, they are scheming about the next journey.

After high school, Braden enlisted in the Navy and “saw the world”. Traveling with a couple thousand close friends wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be, and he left the institution after his contract finished.  That summer, he moved to CO to become a river guide.  As he puts it, “It ruined my life.” He still guides some wilderness river trips on the Middle Fork of the Salmon.

Claire entered the field of nursing, and immediately did what a lot of people do: “headed west”, to escape to the majestic mountains and luscious rivers she always dreamed of.  After spending 8 years as an ICU travel nurse in multiple states and other countries, she still embraces the natural, rambling spirit she’s always had. 

Braden and Claire love the excitement of adventures themselves, but it’s often the quirky secondary narratives that truly draw them in. A fishing lesson from an old Laotian man on the river bank, or a gold mining tutorial in a Nicaraguan jungle.  Aiming to find and document these enthralling stories of humans and how they relate to the environment, they often seek out voices who might not be so easily heard. And, have tons of fun while doing so.